Brand Development - Graphic Design, Print Design & Website Design, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Hello, kia ora. We are Cypher – The Design Business.

We are Brand Champions of SME’s.

Design craft coupled with strategic purpose can create great results for business. Our aim is to help SME’s find meaning in their brand and communicate it with their audience in a human and authentic way.

We are a curious and passionate team. We brew our own beers, ciders and kambucha for the studio fridge and we also like tea, oh and cake!

Make-up & Art Direction
Cavius Nano Limited
Deborah Crowe
Archway Group
Inter Proto Series
Pirihima Whānau Trust
Sweet Sounz
Swift Business Group

Our Journal – Random posts from the studio



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Catalogues are Vital!

Catalogues are Vital!

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True Print – Love Letterpress!

True Print – Love Letterpress!

Today, it seems like an unspoken letterpress rule that one’s creations must feel retro and nostalgic—and perhaps even somewhat dated. After all, that.. Read More →